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Best Yoga Poses for Headaches
Yoga can do anything from building muscle, lengthening your limbs, and even curing headaches.
Here are the five essential moves for targeting pain in your head, especially if you don't have enough time to spare for a nap!
Be sure to check if you're doing these beginner poses correctly so that you aren't at risk for injury.

Child's Pose

For the full walk-through check out this card.

Seated Forward Bend

It looks like a simple stretch, but this can get the blood flowing to all the important parts of your body. Find out how to perfect this move here.

Forward Fold

Follow this perfect 10 minute morning detox to get the full benefits of the pose.

Simple Neck Stretch

If you only have five minutes and you need immediate relief, try this on the go stress reliever routine.

Eagle Pose

It looks super complicated, but once you've got it you'll feel instant relief! Find out how to nail this move here.
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Yoga breathing is also so important for headaches and stress relief!
3 years ago·Reply
Sometimes I wish it was socially acceptable to sit in Childs Pose all day at work. I don't think I'd get a lot done though...
3 years ago·Reply
Love that morning detox practice!
3 years ago·Reply
I remember the first time I was in a class and my instructor asked us to get into eagle pose. It looked SO hard!
3 years ago·Reply
I have severe Migraines so I'll give these a try! Thanks!
3 years ago·Reply