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So I know I already mentioned YaYa's collaboration with McCall to make cosplay patterns, but I had no idea they opened a whole site devoted to cosplay patterns!!!
While none of these patterns are exactly a specific cosplay, they're the perfect bases to modify and turn into just what you need!
Patterns they currently carry:
- base dresses, such as Austen era gowns and Anna from Frozen's dress
And more!! What else could they add that would be helpful?
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They just need more stuff suitable for men now.
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@amog32 yeah! of course quite a few of these things would be adaptable / work for any body, but it'd be nice of them to be more equalized in what is offered. I mean in the world of mccalls patterns there's a lot more for females as i tis
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@vulpix Not surprising, but still sad. I guess they make more of what they'll sell more of.
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They have some dresses that are so Pride and Prejudice era I'm dying I need to make one
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