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Well if you do, you aren't alone. Check out these three films with totally normal (okay, maybe not totally normal) adults that have imaginary friends, girlfriends, and coaches.
Who's your favorite?
Personally, I still just want Casper as a BFF even though he's a ghost not imaginary :)

Lars and the Real Girl

This is a movie you should watch when you're feeling really lazy. It's great to just have playing as you're about to fall asleep.
Basically, Lars has a bit of a mental break down and finds himself romantically attached to a doll that he bought online. She comes with him everywhere, and he takes amazing care of her. You both pity Lars and want to slap him all at the same time. It's the kind of film that makes you feel uneasy but at the same time you question why its making you feel that way, what is our definition of normal?


Another movie to make you uncomfortable and to question what modern relationships are. This man falls in love with a computer generated intelligence. Think of her as a very smart GPS that can learn and react to your emotions.
She's not exactly imaginary but she certainly isn't the woman he thinks of her as. Its like falling in love with a video game character - it could be the future of dating!

Fight Club

Is it too late for a spoiler alert? Basically, the narrator begins meeting up with Tyler Durden nightly to form the Fight Club, where he lets out his anger, frustrations, and just generally escapes from reality.
The plot twist is, Tyler Durden isn't an imaginary friend, isn't a doll the narrator bought online, he's actually just a part of the narrator's psyche. They are the same person.
Overall, I would much prefer to have the friend in Her. It's the scariest because it is an actually smart, talking being, but at the same time its probably the easiest to grow out of!
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I loved Her when I first saw it but I re-watched it recently and it was just too weird to take...