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Willy Wonka & Co Cosplays
This guy cosplayed Willy Wonka, and it's kind of amazing, so I went on a hunt for other Willy Wonka cosplays (I've honestly never seen one in person). There were (unsurprisingly) not very many, but there were a few worth sharing!!
This whole family dressed up like 6 of the characters from the book/movie and it was pretty awesome, though I can't help but feel bad for the daughter who had to be Violet!
It's hard to make completely orange skin look normal, but this is one of the best Oompa-Loompas I found. Plus that Wonka bar is AWESOME!
Remember what I said about the orange being kind of terrifying? Yeah. It's kind of terrifying. Especially here. Awesome Willy Wonka, though!
Finally, a Violet that has actually blown up like Violet.
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That Willy Wonka themed family is a bit scary.
3 years ago·Reply
@amog32 I thought so too...most o fthe time willy wonka groups don't freak me out unless they have oompa loompas. The oompa loompas make everything terrifying.
3 years ago·Reply
@vulpix And they were creepy in the original movie and book, too.
3 years ago·Reply
IDK the oompa loompa with the giant wonka bar is kinda cute? @vulpix @amog32
3 years ago·Reply
That very first willy wonka is super creepy but also super spot on....since gene wilder was creepy, too
3 years ago·Reply