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Macro Photography by Alejandro Ruiz - The reflection shot and the flower are probably my favorites out of this collection. Everything is so amazing crisp and clear.
@traveladdict ⊙▂⊙ Almost 80?! That's insane. Believe it or not, this winter is pretty mild so far. Usually, we get tons of snow and wind chills of -10 degrees or more.
Lol. Yes it sometimes drops to 30s but hasn't started doing that yet. We hardly ever get snow. Right now it gets hot up to almost 80
@traveladdict That's a sweet thought! (●´∀`●) Yes, no taking pictures while driving. LOL! Your winters are warm? Wow, that's odd to me, only because at night it drops down to the 20s. Brrrr!
Aww I would have taken a picture for you if I wasn't driving. I wish we actually have cold weather during our winter here lol. Yes the ladybugs are soooo cute. we used to play with them all the time during recess in school.
@traveladdict Aw, it probably was. I wish I could see some now, but it's winter now and our winters are pretty brutal.
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