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I've really always had a crush on Owen Wilson. I find him pretty attractive, and I always thought his acting was funny and fairly on point. My brother loved the Shanghai Noon & Knights movies when we were in high school and middle school, so I have watched Owen and Jackie Chan one too many time, I think.
...today I saw this video that some made. It's a supercut of all the times Owen Wilson has said WOW in a movie. And EVERY SINGLE WOW sounds pretty much the same--just different intonations of the exact same thing!!
How is it that I'm just realizing now that Owen Wilson is somewhat like a Johnny Depp--in that he usually plays the same character (i.e. himself) while occasionally taking on a drastically different role. Well, I love Johnny Depp, too, so maybe I like knowing what to sort of expect form an actor?
Either way, I still love him. And his wow.
WOW. Owen says wow a lot!
Wow. Wooooooow.
Wow look at this!
And a wowwwwww for all of you @beywatch @galinda @kristenadams @sophiamor