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William Forsythe, the visionary behind this visual spectacle, set up these balloons everywhere from Austria's House of Parliaments to a warehouse. I would love to be able to physically wander through all those balloons.
@cheerfulcallie Of course, what are friends for? :D
aawww.....thanks for making me feel unique.....(^_*)
@cheerfulcallie Aw, thanks for sharing. I can totally see why you have a phobia of them. My aunt is also deathly afraid of balloons. Nah, it's boring being normal. ;)
bad experience as a kid.... i was prolly 4 and my friend had over inflated a balloon....anyways we're peering at each other from opposite ends, with our faces rubbing against it and laughing ....suddenly it pops and stung my eyes sooo bad....i ran around crying for my mother in blindness b/c i couldnt open my eyes, lolz....ever since then i got scared of anything that pops.....i dont like fireworks either.....hmm, why am i telling you this??? nooooo i swear i am normal, lolz....
@cheerfulcallie Do you really? Interesting, I think you're the second person I know with that phobia. Any particular reason wh?
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