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So, dandelions are good for something other than making me sneeze all the time. (Ok, I'll admit I don't know that it's the dandelions fault, but I've got to blame something).
Aren't these designs cool? Plant artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc teamed up with photographer Isabelle Chapuis to reimaginee dandelions as something more than just a weed--instead making cool things like these glasses!!
Scroll through what else I could find of the series (aptly titled "Dandelion") here--the softness of the dandelions really makes for beautiful, delicate accessories on the models. I love it!!
@danidee @caricakes I know, I totally don't think these are wearable (unfortunately) but I want to borrow a pair and get a cool pic or two hahaha
I love these! I'd totally rock those glasses if I wasn't going to have pieces of dandelion flying into my eyes at the first breeze that hits my face haha
This one's making my allergies flare up!