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Reli Dakar Kembali Makan Korban
SANTIAGO– Reli Dakar memang dikenal sebagai reli mau yang kerap memakan korban. Gelaran reli Dakar di 2013 ini pun kembali memakan korban. Adalah pembalap sepeda motor Thomas Bourgin yang tewas setelah kecelakaan di jalur penghubung. Ini adalah kematian ke tiga di Reli Dakar 2013, setelah sebelumnya dua nyawa juga melayang di awal etape. Reli Dakar 2013 ini digelar dengan melewati kawasan Amerika Selatan, dengan dimulai di Argentina melalui Chili dan berakhir di Peru. Pembalap asal Prancis Thomas Bourgin tewas, Jumat 11 Januaro 2013 saat sedang melibas etape ketujuh reli paling ganas di dunia ini. Pembalap di keas sepeda motor tersebut tewas dalam kecelakaan di daerah pegunungan Chile. Rider 25 tahun tersebut dikabarkan tabrakan dengan petugas kepolisian setempat yang berjalan berlawanan arah. Tim medis yang berusaha menyelamatkan nyawa Bourgin tidak bisa berbuat banyak. Dikabarkan Bourgin tewas di tempat kejadian. Pihak penyelenggara reli Dakar ini menyatakan, kejadian kecelakaan yang menewaskan Bourgin ini sedang dalam penyelidikan. Dakar 2013 ini adalah penampilan perdana Bourgin. Dia berada di posisi ke 68 dalam klasemen keseluruhan. Bourgin sudah terjun di dunia balap reli ini sejak 2009, ketika dia mengambil bagian dalam Rally Maroko. Lalu merebut posisi empat di ajang Race Afrika 2011 dan menempati posiis tujuh di Rally Tunisia. "Semua yang terlibat di ajang Dakar mengekspresikan kesedihan besar atas tewasnya Bourgin. Mereka menyampaikan bela sungkawa kepada keluarga dan kerabat Bourgin," tulis penyelenggara reli Dakar dalam siaran persnya.
Why Ronda Rousey is an Inspiration
Ronda Rousey, the number one woman MMA fighter is currently a hot topic all over the web. Some people might think she's over-hyped but there are many reason why she is loved! 1. She works hard to get to where she's at! Ronda had a history of training before challenging Miesha Tate and take over the title as Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. If you watch the documentation above, her mom said, "She went from being introduced as AnnMaria's daughter to me being introduced as Ronda's mom. That flip came around when she was 16." On top of that she trained hard to win the Olympic medal for Judo. 2. She's determined. Yes, she's talented and skilled. But I also think the reason why she earn the championship is she doesn't stop trying. She has a vision and she worked towards it. 3. She's positive body image role model. Back in February, she modeled for Sport Illustrated's 2015 Swimsuit issue. Ronda told SI why she isn't going to take this for granted. “I was so happy to have this opportunity because I really do believe that there shouldn’t be one cookie cutter body type that everyone is aspiring to be." In addition, she also GAINED weight for the photoshoot. “I felt like I was much too small for a magazine that is supposed to be celebrating the epitome of a woman. I wanted to be at my most feminine shape, and I don’t feel my most attractive at 135 pounds, which is the weight I fight at. At 150 pounds, I feel like I’m at my healthiest and my strongest and my most beautiful.” But just like all of us, she wasn't always proud of her image. She told Cosmo, “I grew up thinking that because my body type was uncommon, it was a bad thing. Now that I’m older, I’ve really begun to realize that I’m really proud that my body has developed for a purpose and not just to be looked at.” 4. She's the type of friend we all want. If someone ever talk trash about her family or loved ones. She'll shut you up in 34 seconds. 5. She's proud of her achievement. If there's something to take away from Ronda it is.... Don't stop believing, work hard, and be proud at what you do!
Ronda Rousey Is Finally Beaten!
This was indeed one of the most shocking upsets in sports history. Many experts and fans expected the match to be one-sided but not Holly Holm. She came out aggressively against the reigning UFC bantamweight champion. And Ronda Rousey, who was undefeated up to this point, was finally beaten by Holly Holm. She is now 12-1 as a professional MMA fighter. This is the moment in which Holly Holm becomes the second female bantamweight champion in UFC history. Ronda Rousey's six consecutive run of the champion title was finally over with this KO. After the match was over, Holly Holm said, “I’m trying to take it in, but it’s crazy. Everything that we worked on presented itself in the fight. Every kind of grab that she tried to get.” The match lasted 5 minutes and 59 seconds total. Ronda Rousey's previous three matches lasted 34 seconds, 14 seconds, and 16 seconds. @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl @Starbell808 @DonnaMelton @InPlainSight @jokes @BEAUTYgirlARIEL @David19Flo23 @karencorchado @salahabdalla @Moose892 @BrookieyElba @SamuelRodriguez @ValerieAlissaPa @xitlalicordova1 @AndrewMaldonado @Jovi @Shippudenguy21 @AbdulrahmanSaad @trinityarcangel @thefeels @Link4TW @ChriSingularis @sanazsanaz @WilliamBrown @DannyMoses @ClaySharko @Ravenwing92 @FromBlue2U @TravisBeck @LemissaNicole @BossDominata @gatorchick96 @MatthewBoughton @MarcusJiles @BrandonMcNeil @MalikLawary @KyleBerke @manbungo2000 @DerekGumtow @havic @Straightshooter @PhilAnthony @Kirooken @yaakattackk @RodneyYoung @DreJones @JonathanKerns @bnzattoni @TravisManning @GalacticChakra @smothgreen @afxs @johnnolastname @ChristopherKenn @ChasePage @coreywriley91@MikeWolf @MrTenThirty @JasonNilsson @BrunoDutch @SherzTYC @krishntejanand @addri @ChrisStephens @AniBreo Did you guys all watch the match?