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Ever wanted a frap without so many calories (or simply, so much drink)?
You can now get a 10-ounce mini Frappuccino -- but only from May 11th to July 6th, at participating stores in the US and Canada.
Seems like Starbucks is really stepping up their frap game this summer (with the Smores flavor, the cookie straw and what not). I can't help but wonder if they're just trying to give us all more cavities, or they're just out to make all Starbucks baristas' lives hell. Because there's nothing worse than a line out the door and all frap orders.
Still, I can dig the smaller size; I always thought a shot of frappuccino was just the right amount to get the taste while still avoiding diabetes. But that's just me.
Sounds good
@danidee YES omg thank you that's the worst hahahaha!! I lived for the days when I'd make a frap a little too big and could just drink what was left in a sample cup! Sample cup size is perfect, so this seems so great to me.
I love that there's a mini size! Especially has a former barista, that means no more of that annoying "A GRANDE SPLIT INTO TWO CUPS!" order.