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Okay, not really. I'm actually a huge fan of drama or movie versions of music videos, especially when they actually have some meaning behind it.
With Taylor Swift's new posters for her upcoming single 'Bad Blood' it looks like we're going to have T-Swift movie (complete with all of her best friends posing as super heroes? villains?) Here's a list of some artists that have made awesome (loooooong) music videos in the past:

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

An incredible commentary on war and loss and love that will have you sobbing from only one minute in.

Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory

Always known for her theatrics, Edge of Glory felt like it came right out of some Broadway musical. Also check out her videos like Judas, Born This Way, Telephone, or Marry The Night.

30 Seconds to Mars

How am I supposed to pick just one?! These guys are the kings of music videos turned to movies and they are all so incredibly made. I really can't pick a favorite...
I attached 5, but check out their entire channel for more!
- From Yesterday
- Kings and Queens
- This is War
- The Kill
- A Beautiful Lie

Michael Jackson - Thriller

The original music video-turned movie. It's a zombie romance that has arguably the most famous choreography ever.

Fall Out Boy - A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"

The boys of FOB are unapologetically obsessed with MJ so it makes sense that they would pay homage to him with a movie music video all their own. This MV is loosely based on 'Thriller' and is still one of my favorite FOB songs, ever.

Pharrell - Happy

And then of course there is this: the 24 hour music video that is still going on. Top that, Taylor (but really, please don't)
OMG I completely forgot about that Fall Out Boy video! My friend Lauren is in it at 3:57 running across the screen and screaming. So funny lol.
lol don't forget about Jesus of Suburbia
Hello? MCR's Welcome to the Black Parade?!?!
@beywatch WHAT?!!! I remember when they put out a casting call for it but I was still too young and I'm pretty sure it was on a school night (seriously how did I survive middle school HAHA!)
I forgot about that Green Day song! It was on all the time on Fuse and I would change the channel just so I didn't have to watch it and get sad anymore.
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