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Recipe for TV success:
1 Headline crime story
1 'Trial of the century'
1 Voynich Manuscript witch
Pinch of truth
Toss together and strain through a social media sieve and bake at 350* over the course of several episodes. To inspire those on social media IV drip, kick up some off screen drama with the likes of real-life monsters that are portrayed on screen.
In case you missed it, Selma Blair has been cast as Luciferian Priestess, Kris Kardashian for upcoming American Crime Story. Created by American Horror Story genius, Ryan Murphy, I'm a bit unsure how this is all going to play out. While I love AHC 1-3, I am really on the fence to see what could possibly be watchable of the storied OJ bonanza of the mid 90s.
Whether or not I am into watching it, I have to see how Blair turns out the Kris Kardashian character. Gotta see that!
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Damn, I wish Selma played ME in a movie! She's one of my favorite actresses.