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We already know this, but I'm a lazy girl. The ultimate day would be waking up around 10am, rolling out of bed only to lie on the couch for hours with a book. Even though I work out daily I am not a fan of sweating or putting in a lot of time to making my body toned and firm.
So how to I stay healthy with this attitude? I do things the lazy way, and here's how:

Bikini Body for Lazy Girls

This is a 6-minute total guide to getting that bikini-ready body that you want. You'll be guided through everything from waking up to working out (and don't forget lazy girl beauty tips too!)

Six Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People

These six simple tricks will have your metabolism rumbling and your fat melting off in no time (with minimal effort!) You will be pretty amazed by what a tiny change like drinking extra water can do for the number on the scale.

The Lazy Girl Workout

Four moves, less than 10 minutes, and low impact! Perfect for fitting in while you're marathoning Netflix or waiting for your friends to finally answer your texts.

The Lazy Girl Inner Thigh Workout

If you're ready to do more than the four basic moves above, you can kick it up a (teeny tiny) notch and do this inner thigh workout that will get those legs in shape!

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cutting Calories

This handy card will get you thinking about the simple ways you can change your daily routine to start burning up those calories!

Skin Care Tips for Lazy Girls

Once you've got your workout routine together, its time to take care of your skin. These three easy tips will have your skin shining and healthy in no time!

Lazy Girl Fashion Sense

And if you ever feel like getting out of those yoga pants, you have other fashion options waiting for you here!
@Nisfit Amen (wearing them right now)
Hey there is NOTHING wrong with yoga pants all day every day ;)
I'm all about the lazy ways to cut the calories! My favorite is cutting out soft drinks. Now I don't even like the taste of them anymore!
I had perfected the lazy girl outfit. Leggings are so comfy and can be made so chic!
When it comes to working out I am THE lazy girl :) But once I get going I tend to get really into it!