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Now we've seen our share of geeky marriage proposals in our day, but Isaac Lamb's insanely epic live lip-dub proposal may just be the most epically awesome "she said yes!" story of them all. The Portland actor had his brother sit girlfriend Amy Frankel down in the back of a Honda CRV and put on some headphones, with the purportedly innocent motive of "playing her a song." The song that followed was surely far more than Amy was prepared for, as evidenced by the picture-in-picture view of her amazing reaction as Isaac's over-the-top friends and family live lip-dub production unfolded. We're glad she said yes, because anybody who goes to such lengths to craft one of the most unique proposals of all time sure seems like a keeper. If you thought that was great, just imagine what it's like to have a computerized reverend preside over a wedding ceremony.
Writing me poems every day and also sending many different pictures saying "I Love You" every day!! (^_^)
@CheyAnne48 what was the most romantic thing a guy had ever done for you?^^
it is right?^^
This was so awesome!! I loved it!! How romantic!! (^_^)