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Tell Yourself You Love You
Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you rock. You're beautiful, you're unique, and your body can do some pretty amazing things. Start by trying it just a day. Smile at yourself in the mirror instead of frowning. Strike a hilarious pose. Rock out to your favorite playlist first thing in the morning in front of the mirror and love the skin you're in.
If you waste your life thinking 'I'll do this once I'm skinny," or "I can't do this because I'm not thin enough, not pretty enough, not fashionable enough," then you're going to have a lot of regrets once you miss out on your youth. You can do whatever you want, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Hell, if you can get out of bed in the morning, you're a miracle.
Treat Yourself with Respect
Sure, its fun to make fun of ourselves from time to time (I'm always late, my shoes never seem to match my outfit, and my hair is nearly always a train wreck) but you also need to give yourself a break. If you keep calling yourself names and putting yourself down, chances are it will stop being a joke and you'll just start believing it.
Laugh at yourself and your faults, but remember that your 'imperfections' are what make you perfectly you.
Spoil Yourself
You deserve it. Have a home spa day complete with deep conditioning your hair, painting your nails, soaking your feet, taking an incredible bubble bath, using a face mask, laying in the dark listening to music and lighting candles. Watch a sad movie, watch a happy movie. Have dinner on the floor in a pile of blankets. Learn to cook a new food and if it fails, make grilled cheese.
Take some serious "Me Time" and just be with yourself, loving who you are.
@stephosorio Wow! I hope everything is okay and you're recovering well. One of my best friends had thyroid cancer and had to have an operation on her neck when she was in middle school. Her scar is not something she can hide so she just totally embraced it. She doesn't let it stop her from being honestly the most beautiful person I know :)
I love this too, especially the part about not putting yourself down too much. I am known as the loud happy friend in my friend group but sometimes I just want to be taken seriously. You should celebrate every part of your personality and body, and so should everyone around you.
I really like this. I think it's so important to love yourself as you are. I've gone through so many extremes with my body -- from 200lbs, down to 135lbs. I thought that when I lost weight, I'd be happy. That wasn't true.Yeah, clothes fit a little bit better, but my weight loss didn't give me a perfect life.
@kristenadams thank you :)
recently grew some cysts on my ovaries and I've been so swollen, I have been uncomftorable in my own skin and even avoid group pics but this is really inspiring thank you .
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