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To Request a New Community

There are currently more than 2000 Vingle "Communities" and each day we are adding more and more. If you're looking for a community and it is missing, please let us know on this card. After having checked, requested Communities will be created. If you are still curious about what a Community is, click here! Any other comments, questions or requests etc. can be directed to the following card ^ ^
UNIQ, iKon, Song Jieun (From Secret), K.Will, Sung Si Kyung, BESTie, EXID, FIESTAR, Davichi, MC Mong, Roy Kim, Tablo (Epik High), Jungkook(BTS), B.I.G, Mino (WINNER), Mad Clown, G.Soul, Roh Ji Hoon, Yoon Hyun Sang, Rap Monster (BTS), Tritops, HI SUHYUN, Bobby (iKon), B.I (iKon), High4, JJCC, Cheon Dung, Mamamoo, Boys Republic! You don't have to add all of these but If you could add a few of them that would be highly appreciated!! (All of the above are Kpop groups or K-idols) ^^ Thank you~
I'd like to change the name of the "Photography" community and add two additional photography related communities to better segment and serve the Vingle population. It seems the "Photography" community has been overrun with people who just post photos - even though the guidelines for the community specifically say, "Don't post a photo just because it's a photo". It should be a place to talk about photography techniques; but that seems to be a lost cause. I'd suggest changing the name of the "Photography" community to "Photographic Techniques" I'd like to create a new community called "Snapshots" where people can post their everyday photos of random whatever. This way we can move the "Photography Techniques" community back in the direction it was originally meant to serve. The 2nd new community I'd like to see created would be called "Photo-Journalism". This would be a community for photos which tell a story. I'd be happy to moderate it. What I want to do is explore storytelling through photography - News - beautiful moments caught in photos - sporting events - everyday life - portraits - so long as they are posted with an explanation of WHAT the story behind the photo is and why the contributor feels it is a photo-journalistism worthy moment. I am celebrating my first year on Vingle THIS MONTH! I've just reached over 3 million views and have over 39,000 followers. The vast majority of my cards relate to photography, video, and cinematography techniques and photo-journalism. I can certainly see that there is great interest in these subjects. Thank you for making such an amazing - positive - and enjoyable online destination!
I'd like to request a community for Z.TAO please. He's a former member for EXO. And if you could make a community for Luhan as well, that would be nice.
We are currently renewing the service, and for this reason we will be holding off on making individual member communities. We understand how frustrating that is, but as we want to make the best platform possible, we need to hold off until our new product outline is finished. We hope that when that happens you'll be happier with it. For other communities, we will review them in the next 3 days. Thank you for your understanding.
Thanks for this update!
thankyou. @VingleEnglish