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There are currently more than 2000 Vingle "Communities" and each day we are adding more and more. If you're looking for a community and it is missing, please let us know on this card. After having checked, requested Communities will be created. If you are still curious about what a Community is, click here! Any other comments, questions or requests etc. can be directed to the following card ^ ^
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@vingleenglish is it possible for Jung Joon Young to have a community? or K rock community?
Hello! I haven't seen any comments with these requests. But if you can, I'd like to request a community for 'Attack On Titan' and one for 'Yaoi' please! ^^
I'd like to add a communities for planners and paper crafters.
@VingleEnglish I would like to request three communities. One for K.A.R.D, one for BLANC7, and one for Gu9udan. Thank you!
@AlexisJ15 Hello, KARD and Gugudan already exist! Thank you for the suggestions!
A community centered around the videogame "Undertale" would definitely garner many supporters, as I've seen dozens of Vinglers in the Anime community and kpop community that are "Undertale" fans. I understand you're updating the mod system and this won't be done immediately, but I implore you to take this into consideration when it is time to make more communities.