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There are so many ways to say I love you, but there are so many more ways to say the opposite. If you're trying not to say you love me, here's a simple guide.

Whatever you do, don't:

- Offer to clean up after dinner
- Ask me how my day was even if you saw me all day
- Order my favorite foods cause you know I'm going to just pick off your plate anyway
- Text me good morning
- Watch my favorite movie (that you hate) just so you can get my references
- Give me time to myself, cause you know I need alone time
- Do any of these things
- Or even worse, any of these!

But go ahead and:

- Forget something I told you yesterday
- Don't bother cleaning up after yourself in my house
- Make fun of me, but never compliment me
- Blow off our plans last minute
I don't consider myself a high-maintenance girlfriend (but then again, that means I'm probably the most high-maintenance, right?) so there are only a few things that really bother me. I'm sure I'm missing some, but these are the basics of how to not piss me off. What other annoying bf quirks am I missing?
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Hahahah you're totally spot on!!! I can't think of what you missed right now, though, hmmmmm.....