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Zelen is a famous Bulgarian Restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul.. I have been there once for lunch. I've heard the restaurant is really popular and the lines tend to be long so i figured calling in for a reservation the day before might be a good idea. My husband and i arrived there pretty early so there weren't that many people yet. We had their lunch specials, they had 2 sets and we got one of each. FOOD: The soup was made of beans (I'm no expert ^^;) It reminds me of Pork and Beans i always had back home.. It's yummy but a bit "too much" for a starter.. The house salad was really good. The vegetables were crunchy and there are some ingredients I cannot name.. haha Bulgarian Meatballs plate was my fave.. There's something about it so new and distinctive for me.. The Chicken steak was smoky, nothing special but the sausage on the side was really yummy! They served Bulgarian yogurt for dessert, it was a little too sour for my taste ^^; I wasn't able to finish it.. The waitress suggested for us to try their House wine and i had red.. It was too strong for lunch.. >.< SERVICE: There was a Bulgarian lady who was very accommodating. She enthusiastically explained what Bulgarian food was made of and gave recommendations as well. AMBIANCE: The restaurant has that very European vibe.. They have an extension that is airy and makes you feel like you're having a mean inside a tent. inside the restaurant itself is darker but has that homey feeling. PRICE: W9000 - W25,000/person