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Hey guys, so I have very thick uncooperative eyebrows and I thread them myself. I used to get them done but I never liked how they would turn out. I prefer them to be thick and clean. So here's how I do them!
You don't need everything on this list but it helps. The most important is the thread. Don't use something too thick. Thread from a sewing kit will do. Brush your eyebrows before beginning.
take about a foot of thread and tie it in a loop. twist one side around to make a figure eight as shown. The hand placement in the last photo is important. grab the thread on both sides like this. You want to be able to open one loop and close the other.
Next place the thread where you need. You're going to place the thread as shown. the smaller loop should be away from you. When you have a good placement, open the smaller loop and the hair will pull out. It doesn't hurt very much. your skin will get a little red.
Next, fill in with your favorite product! I'll put up a link to a video soon!
@Raqi25 Thanks for sharing another great tutorial. I'm actually glad you used a black thread to demonstrate. Most of the youtube videos I saw use white thread and it's really hard to see it in action.
The first time I had my eyebrows threaded, I was shocked that A) it wasn't more painful and B) how fast it was!!! I feel like it'd take much longer on my own but I'm totally willing to try
Thanks for the demonstration! You made it seem so easy!
Ahhh awesome!!! I've always wondered if there was a way I could do this myself, and now I can try it. Thanks!!
@mikayla thank you!
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