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And this is why I hate social media activism.
Here's the TL;DR version: A father of three out shopping for his kids sees a Darth Vader cut out, so he goes over and decides to take his first ever selfie to show his kids, thinking they'll get a laugh out of it. As he steps over to the photo, he realizes he's stepping in front of some kids sitting and watching a movie, so he tells them "sorry, I'll just be a minute."
Their mom (who left them there while she went shopping) sees him "talking to them" and "taking their picture." She takes them away, reports him to police, and sends the FB social justice police (aka posts him online) out to get him. Here's what she posted.
But the thing is he didn't do anything wrong. Nothing at all. As soon as he saw the post, he went straight to the police and tried to straighten things out. But his reputation has already been dragged through the mud.
How lame is that? People are so fast to assume that everyone is out to get their children. Of course, it's important to be safe and to protect your children. But you have to be logical and at least ask the man if he was indeed doing what you think he was.
I really hate these people that thing everything needs to be posted and solved through online activism. Especially considering she had his picture and had reported it to the cops, there was no reason to post his picture online.
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Update, for anybody interested: http://www.vingle.net/posts/856898
Seems wrong to me to post someone else on line no matter the circumstance. I know cops don't always make the best difference but at least try that before you try to take it into your own hands.
@sophiamor Yeah, I don't know if it's common practice wherever she is to just leave your kids in the "children's section" unattended, but she really had no right to get unreasonably angry without checking the situation first. @amog32 They did, but yeah you're right. Apparently it has 1/5 the number of views.
Did they post any sort of apology? Still, I'm sure it wouldn't get half the views that her original posts probably did. I feel bad for this guy.
Ugh, I hate people like this - especially when they post about it on social media. Not cool. Plus, who is the one that left her kids unattended while shopping!?