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I'd like to hear your opinion: a man who works as a veterinarian was charged for breaking the window of a woman's car window to rescue a dog that he believed the dog was suffering from heat exhaustion. Georgia law says that you cannot break a window for an animal (only for children left in cards).
Did this guy do the right thing, or was he out of line? I can't decide.
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@marshalledgar They actually did charge her with a count of animal cruelty, I think. I have a feeling there will be multiple layers of appeals in these cases though we likely won't hear the outcome.
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I'm offering a free broken window for ANYBODY who leaves their child OR animal in a car with the windows up on a hot day. I personally take my dog with me almost everywhere I go and I make sure if he has to wait in the car that the windows are rolled down and that there is a large bowl of water where he can reach it.
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Yeslinbut0100 a Life IS a life !!!!
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He definitely did the right thing. There is actually an episode of What Would You Do that covers those situations. Now he could have called the police but who knows if the dog would have survived? I now cringe when I see a dog left in a car because I know they sweat differently and it is not safe for them.
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He did the right thing!
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