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can't get enough of Korean Barbeque? This one is for you! Self Bar is a meat buffet franchise and they have branches all over Seoul. FOOD: They have wide variety of meat, varied cuts, varied parts mostly pork but has some beef and seafood too.. Some branches even have duck meat!.. Aside from meat, they also serve salad and other sides like TTeokboki, Pasta, French fries, Cheese Stiicks even sandwiches! Different types of soup and rice are also available. SERVICE: It's a buffet and the staff pretty much are just refilling the buffet table.. The staff in Korea Univ branch is very prompt and they come almost immediately after you push the call button. Some branches even have Febreze fabric spray to spray out the smoke out of your clothes upon going out.. haha AMBIANCE: It's a typical korean Barbeque restaurant just brighter.. They usually have younger costumers so expect the loud voices of university students drinking around you.. XD PRICE : Lunch : W9,900 / Dinner: W10,900