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I cannot tell you how excited I am for Pitch Perfect 2, so when I heard that they released their first taste of the film via music video I was on it.
It's everything I was hoping for - catchy, hilarious, and filled with all the characters I've been missing. Check it out now!
"More than twenty influencers and over one hundred fans participated in the video," Kai Hasson, the project's director and Portal A's creative Director, told Mashable. "The movie's fans are present in every location, from London to Berlin to LA."
And don't forget, Pitch Perfect 2 will premiere May 15!!!
@caricakes What!? You HAVE to watch it, its hilarious!!
This looks like it was so much fun to shoot. I want to dance around too. And @caricakes @Sjeanyoon I loved Pitch Perfect! I thought it was going to be super corny, but it was fun!
I still haven't seen Pitch Perfect so I should probably get on that if I want to see the second one right hahaha
But do young people actually use the word youngsters?