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This is the perfect sometimes casual, sometimes formal hairstyle that you can wear anywhere, and that anyone can accomplish. All you need is 10 or so minutes to give yourself a chance to get it right.


1. Separate your hair into two ponytails as pictured in #1.
2. Use a bit of hair to hide the pony tail elastics, if you'd like.
3. Fish tail both of the pony tails (images 3 & 4).
4. Make sure they are secure, and then pin the braids along your head. Bury the end of the braid underneath the other braids so you can't see the loose edges.
Source: Cosmopolitan
Such a cute look! <3 Cosmo is not my kind of magazine, but really glad you found this to share!
perfect!!! I have a baby shower (outdoors!!) that I am going to this weekend and this will work really well with my dress. Thanks! @HairConfetti