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These four hairstyles can be done without needing totally clean hair. At least that's what Cosmo tells me! To make them work even better, use dry shampoo to give your hair a fresh start and some grip without needing to full-on shower.
Here's four of my favorites to do whenever I just don't have time to wash and dry my hair--all you need are some elastics, bobby pins and dry shampoo (if you've got it).

Simple Pony Tail

Dry shampoo, then tease your hair a bit. Tease more at the bottom of your hair and less towards the top. Then, pull hair into a pony tail. Wrap some hair around the elastic for a nice finished look--pin the end to hold!

Messy French Twist

If your hair is really straight or fine, curl it and add some texturizing cream after dry shampoo'ing. Now, gather all your hair and pull it to one side. Stick pins in (vertically) alternating which way they're facing. Then, roll your hair into a twist and pin it so it stays.

Waved and Free

Just take a curling iron to your hair and curl it! Surprisingly, the curls will hide any oil in your hair pretty well. If your hair still looks oily, add dry shampoo to the problem areas.

Multi-Strand Fishtail Braid

Basically, just separate your hair into 3 sections and fishtail braid all of them. Then, loosen them up and braid them together.
after hair to the side,What do you mean stick pins vertically? like on the loose hair? please explain
Now I have an excuse not to shower tonight, ha!!!
@JisselCastelan Hi! So you basically just want to make a base for where the roll will go. You want to do it on loose hair, but you're basically just making a "hard" spot where the roll will go into to give it some stability so it doesn't slide as much! As you hold your hair to one side, put bobby pins into your hair down the center of your head, the whole way!! You want to put them in vertically, alternating between pointing up and pointing down. Now take your hair and roll it back toward the center of your head to create the twist. I hope that helps :)