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I made a big mistake this morning: I decided to start my day by watching a throwback movie that I love. AKA Tuck Everlasting. I won't spoil anything in case you haven't seen it, but I was sobbing my eyes out, only to then remember I have plans and need to not look like I just cried for hours.
And so!! Here's my (tested and true) tips for how to make yourself look like you didn't just cry over a movie you've seen 100 times and still can't help but get emotional about. Because I know we all need them sometimes.

Oil-Free Makeup Wipes are Your Friend.

If you are the type to only shed a few tears, grab one oil-free makeup removing wipe and just wipe up where your makeup ran--it'll get the salt off your skin so nothing else smears! If you're an ugly sobber (guilty) just wipe it all off. You'll look better that way!

Eyedrops & Spoons are Also Your Friend.

Seasonal allergy sufferers and contact wearers carry around eye drops for red eyes, so why not chronic criers? Keep some eye drops in your bag for when your eyes get red and puffy from your tears--I like the plain old Visine ones. (Or, you can go 'old fashioned' and rest a cool metal spoon against your eye like in this picture. This will help with puffyness more than redness).

Reapply with Moisture

If you're going to reapply makeup, make sure you moisturize first, otherwise everything will just look caked on! Either apply moisturizer under your foundation, or, use a damp sponge to apply foundation to help it blend!

Conceal the Red!

What always gives my tears away is how red my face gets in some places--so conceal it! Use a few dabs of conceal in the areas around your nose, under your eyes, over your eyelids/lash line--then blend it in! The redness won't appear as harsh.

Now, if you want to put on more makeup....

I'm not the type to reapply makeup after I cried it off, but if you want to, here's some tips:
- Go for a bright, bold lip to distract from any left over redness.
- Add some shimmer to your inner lash lines--it'll brighten your whole eyes!
- Don't cake on the dark eyeliner--it'll make your eyes look too sunken.
- Add blush to brighten your complexion!
Good luck, and don't watch Tuck Everlasting unless you want to sob!! If you need some more movies that will make you cry, this list is great.
(Random note: If for some reason you need to fake that you were crying (please don't ask why you would need to do this), I found a tutorial for how to do that while writing this card. You're welcome?)
OMG I love Tuck Everlasting!! I didn't think anyone else loved as much as I do!
@danidee DONT MAKE ME SOB!!!! (and yes, that's smart. Honestly if I know I'm going to watch a sad movie at home I just take allllll the makeup off first. Better to just reapply later!!)
Also invest in some waterproof eye makeup for occasions where you just KNOW you're going to cry aka attending a wedding/funeral/screening of the latest Nicholas Sparks movie.
@SamanthaTurppa AHHH hahahahah NO i seriously love this movie!!! I'm getting teary just thinking about it. So great!!!
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