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I've seen many different ways of using tape or various brushes to create perfect stripes on your nails, but I'm being honest when I say I don't think I've ever seen one like this before. This one is actually perfect!!
Rather than using many small strips of tape that are hard to work with, this tip tells you how to cut one big piece of tape in a way that makes it easy to paint all the stripes at once! This will only work for some stripe designs, but I definitely believe it is easier than working with many small pieces of tape, so give it a try.
oops, wrong card! I failed at it Lolololol I tried it, but It didn't come out right =/
I really need to try this! looks easy, would love to mix and match colors
I have to try this!! Thanks!!
@dmespinoza12 you can cut off regular tape and use it as striping tape. :)
where can I find striping tape to do this??? or can i use regular tape? never done this before...
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