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Writing isn't always about starting from scratch. Sometimes, you borrow from other places (with proper sourcing, of course) and create something entirely new.
As a way of exercising finding inspiration in the work of another, try this prompt:
Take the lyrics of a song and rearrange the words in order to create a story that does not relate to the original theme.
You do not have to use the whole song; simply pick a section of the song that stands out to you and rework them into something new. You can add more words too, if you need to, but try to keep the base in there so that you are working with a few restrictions to challenge your creativity.
Good luck! Share in the comments, or, link your own card.
Cool idea!!! I'm gonna try to just rearrange a we go: oh wait, was gonna write it here butneeded to play with formatting so I just made a card. let me know what you think @greggr
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@timeturnerjones Checking it out. Sorry for the lateness.
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