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A (confirmed) 7.4 earthquake has hit the Nepal region -- it's epicenter seems to have been very near to Everest. The quake was also felt in regions of China as well as Northern India, and a simultaneous quake hit in Afghanistan at 4.7 on the richter scale.
Here's what you need to know:
- Magnitude: Currently ranked as a 7.4, however was previously ranked as a 7.1 - Expect this to change as data is refined.
- Depth: The depth of the quake is currently sitting at 18.5km. This is quite a shallow quake and this is reflected with the current yellow pager.
- Intensity of Shaking: Currently ranked (VII) which indicates Very Strong shaking and gives a moderate chance of damage. We'll soon find out.
- There has been hundreds of aftershocks since the earthquake happened, but this is one of the biggest.
It was followed by another short (around 15 seconds) aftershock ranked at 5.6 just 10 minutes later. This is an inland quake. This could be related to the previous 7.8 event this month. Time will tell. Some predict a 6.4 event will follow this.
Hopefully, since people are (of course) still in the mindset of the disaster, they will have known where to go for safety. Additionally, many people are currently staying in soft, makeshift shelters which will pose less of a threat to them when compared to buildings falling down, which is how much people get injured during earth quakes.
Please, keep Nepal in your thoughts.
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@drwhat Confirmed deaths and some more damage, but thankfully nothing as catastrophic as the original quake. Seems like normal after shocks, still....
Any updates on the developments from this quake? It's been more than 12 hours now so I'm curious.