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Summer is finally here and its time to find out what jam you should be blasting all season long!
Scroll right and left through the questions below and add up the numbers in the (parentheses) then scroll down for the answers!

5-7 Points: f(x) - Hot Summer

You love a classic summer. You live for the heat, the ice cream, and your friends. And obviously the dancing, endless nights of dancing ;)

8-10 Points: Sistar - Loving U

You need to be at the beach. Stat.
The summer is all about summer love, but more about having the most fun possible. You're constantly on the go meeting up with friends and having the time of your life.

11-13 Points: 2NE1 - Falling in Love

You are so in love you don't know what to do. Don't let your crazy crush have you sitting inside all day. Get out there and enjoy the weather!

14 - 15 Points: Secret - YooHoo

You and your friends are insanely fun and you are so full of energy and all you want to is have a good time and this is the song its going to happen to.

16-17 Points: Big Bang - Sunset Glow

It's time to get out there are chase the sun, guys! Grab your friends and hit the road, it's good for you ;)

18-19 Points: Infinite - She's Back

CANNONBAAAALLLLLL. This summer is all about fun and friends (and watermelon, lots of watermelon.)

20- 21 Points: Ulala Session - Beautiful Night

You don't sleep and you just want to party. This is the ultimate anthem for you.
TOTAL BRAIN FART. It's fixed now~ sorry ㅜㅠ
@kpopandkimchi you forgot to add the numbers so we know what videos our scores relate too :)
I got confused :D
solo day for me
Yea I was like wait did I miss something haha I scored 12 though lol
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