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Studies have found that exercising with a partner can actually help to increase your exercising capacity by 40% as compared to exercising alone! Many of us find it difficult or even impossible to sustain our exercising regime in the long run. Find a stronger partner with the same goal as you in mind and you will find that this is not difficult at all. What would it take to get you to regularly exercise longer than you do now? New research suggests that you might just need a virtual buddy who you think is stronger than you. A small study of female college students suggests that competing against a teammate or virtual partner helps people ramp up their exercise more effectively than if they worked out alone. The study also found that even though participants who were paired with a strong workout partner exercised much longer, they didn't feel any more tired after the fitness bout than did people who have exercised alone for a shorter period of time. "When the goal is to exercise longer, a partner who is a little better than you are can make a big difference," said study author Brandon Irwin, assistant professor of kinesiology at Kansas State University. "It gives you a goal, and may even inspire you to raise your goals." "Just as with eating habits, if you're in the company of individuals who make prudent choices, you will make better choices yourself," Bryant said. "To me, the real nice message here is that hanging out with people who model positive behavior -- in this case virtually -- probably will have a positive effect on what you do as an individual." But Bryant warned that pairing yourself with someone whose athletic prowess greatly exceeds your capacity could cause problems. "It would be demotivating, and you could over-train," he said. The bottom line? Irwin advises people to find someone who is a little better than they are when exercising if their goal is to exercise longer or more vigorously. "Find someone who can challenge you," he said. Adapted from
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i have to make sure i dun overexert myself!
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