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Why make peanut butter cups when you can buy them? Coz you can use good ingredients such as good chocolate and good peanut butter without any bad stuff like preservatives. Only Four Ingredients * Chocolate * Peanut butter * Butter * Sugar 1. Start by whipping peanut butter with a little bit of softened butter and confectioner’s sugar. 2. Place a little dollop of the whipped peanut butter atop a small layer of melted semisweet chocolate (that’s been frozen for 15 minutes). 3. You see how it’s not a flat surface? Just drop the pan on the counter a few times and it will flatten and smooth itself out. 4. Freeze for 15 minutes, then pour on the top layer of melted chocolate. 5. Freeze for 15 more minutes until it hardens, then you’re good to go!
This is good taste! Wow
@turtle03 Yes, let's! Hahaha! I'm not sure how it would work. If only we could instantly transport desserts through the screen. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
So true!!! We should throw a party!!!! :D
Seriously, can we have a Vingle Bake Party. I want to eat all these wonderful foods you keep posting. :D
That's true. Especially if you have a baby, it's always better to make it yourself. Thank you for the recipe!