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Kim Hyun Joong reported to have paid $546,000 settlement to ex-girlfriend for miscarriage....
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I know it's sad!!!!! @nielswife
Oooh sad.
it's cool bcos he took responsibility, a true man face his problems nt run away from them.
that miscarriage claim was false! obgyn clinics she went to provided his attorney with records that show no pregnancy ever existed. her urine tests showed no hormone that would have been present had she been preg. also us showed no evidence of a baby. she lied to get blackmail him and get money. also the assault charges were false. it has now come out that she had a certificate of evidence for the time of assault falsified by going to the different clinics and changing her story until she received the evidence she needed. it was all to scare him into paying. she is being counter sued fit blackmail and defamation and they are also re investigating the assault charge with the new evidence. it will all be over turned most likely. He well be proven innocent in the court.
That's good !@AngelJoong86