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What would statues say if they could talk? Well, now we know. Or least what many writers and actors have animated them to say through a sound app. Statues dot all our landscapes. Likenesses of famous folks of yore, characters or concepts immortalized in stone, public art. I'm the first to admit I so rarely look at them. I mean, really look and pay attention –especially if I don’t know what that rock slab is about. Enter Sing London with a fab interactive way of getting people not only to pay attention to statues, but to enjoy them, event to seek them out: the Talking Statues project (done in London and Manchester). Just scan the plaques on the statues and you get a phone call from the ‘statue’ –brilliant job, thanks to the digital think-tank Antenna Lab. Listening leads to looking. Truly looking. The looking leads to feeling. In the hurly burly of crowds getting on and off trains at Paddington Station in the heart of busy London, Patrick Stewart’s rendition of a poem from the Unknown Soldier statue had me nearly in tears. Have for yourself now, even if you can't be in Paddington by clicking here. Can hardly call the figure a cold, inanimate block now, can we?