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Farmer's tables are trending for wedding receptions, big time! These can be extremely difficult to find and even cost-prohibitive. Before you settle on this table element, be sure to check with local vendors if you are going at it alone. Otherwise, get with your design professional to go over style and cost of utilizing farmer's tables for your wedding.
Don't be afraid to pair fancy chiavari chairs with rustic tables. The juxtaposition can be striking.
Mixing the chairs up around the table can also be just as beautiful. It gives the look a relaxed Boho-Chic look.
The images shown above are from Something Vintage Rentals. It's a rental company based in Washington D.C. that specializes in farm tables and lounge seating.
If you're in the Pacific Northwest, check out Seattle Farm Tables. Depending on your location and rental house, you can expect to pay between $100 - 150 per table. Chairs or benches would cost additional.
You bring up a good point @daniachicago. I think that if you're willing to spend the money on the tables, either you are committed to the look or you have money to burn. A lot of outdoor wedding receptions with farmer's tables, like this, don't appear to need a lot of money for decor or other things.
If they're so darn expensive, why spend all the money on tables?! I could think of better ways to spend money