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This drink is sweet But compared to your lips It's nothing but filth ((((Your lips, they bleed))) Your lips-- I could kiss them till they bleed To restrain myself would be an impossible feat I may be an alcoholic But your flesh is all i need I could survive on just a lick of those soft delicious lips.
Just wondering, did you add the ((())) in "((((Your lips, they bleed)))" just for visual effect, or is there a certain way we should read it? @monokalisto
@timeturnerjones Actually, when i was writing it, the first thing that came to my mind was "(((your lips, they bleed)))'' but i couldn't continue the poem with it so i altered it... and as conceited as that may sound, i liked the initial words too much to remove them, hence the ((()))
@monokalisto No I totally get that, lol!! I'm the same way--when I like a phrase I can't get rid of it. I actually heard the advice once to keep a document or journal full of these little lines and phrases, because someday the right poem will be ready for them :)