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Here's a fun idea to break the ice at the wedding: fruity ice pops! Spring seems to flex between chilly days and super hot days. I loved it, back in the day, when Spring was a stream of perfect weather. Colin Cowie featured this picture of homemade ice pops on wooden sticks for guests at an outdoor wedding. Mixing it with frozen berries keeps the look fresh-looking. The frosted ice crystals tells you right away just how cold these fun treats are.
Rated almost five stars, All Recipes has a simple recipe you can follow to make these yourself at home using Jello, Kool-Aid, water and of course, sugar.
Most brides choose red for Winter and Fall weddings. To keep the red toned down, include soft pink and fuchsia colored hues to the bouquet and color palette. In this bouquet, bright candy-apple red cherries were added to give it that burst of Spring-Summer essence. The pinks lessen the drama to give a festive look.
Some wonderful flowers to consider are Pinocchio tulips, garden roses and closed peonies. In a previous post I shared a pictogram of scarlet flowers that appropriately coincides with this post. Take a look.
the vivid red of the flowers matches the vivid color of the ice pops, which look so amazing. Wish I had one right now
I wish I had one right now too. hahaha I love the peonies in the bouquet too.