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Two of my favorite things for weddings melded into one beautiful towering cake: coral and gold! I can go a little nuts on the gold and metallic finishes. Have you seen my Metal Reflections Collection? If you love this look and other metallic finishes for weddings then you have to check out that collection.
In the mean time, this four-tier confection masterpiece has that unmistakable porcelain fondant that pretty much defines the American cake. Coral makes such a stunning hue for the painted tier that mixes orange and pink. I am really loving that gold zig-zag design too. That pop of gold is not too much and adds a great visual graphic to the overall design. The satin ribbon is also a nice touch to bring the design together and to the table.
Personally, I'd love to see this on a grand cake pedestal. I love to see cakes elevated and looking majestic.
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Cakes like this should be on a grand cake pedestal as you suggested. And it doesn't have to be a stem type pedestal either. There are tons of other grand platforms that are large and wide.