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Escort cards can come in a variety of styles, shapes and methods. The closer it gets to 2016, which is when I am going to be married, the more and more I am thinking about little details like this.
@marshalledgar and @NixonWoman recommended that I take a look at Colin Cowie, which is where I found this great photo. I don't know if the clothespins were painted brown or if they were purchased this color. But I love how these bring in the rustic vibe. Each of the flowers are delicate, small and unique. From tiny rosebuds in scarlet to ranunculus in cream, these look like they were made to go together.
I only wish I could see this picture from afar. Anyone else doing escort cards like this or similar? I've seen some that use a world map, which is cool, but neither of us are world travelers, so that wouldn't quite work.
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I've been to weddings without a seating chart, so escort cards were not necessary. Howeever, I have seen this done before where guests could write notes to the Happy Couple and pin them up like this. Very sweet.