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While it's forever summertime in SoCal, that's just not the case for the rest of the US. Except for maybe Florida. And parts of Texas. Here and there. So now that the Spring is reaching record heat levels in parts of the US that usually see cool and breezy "perfect" Springs, it is time to break out of the layers and put on something so much more comfortable.
I'm talking about something sleeveless. If the sun's out, get the guns out. Hence the title, SoGo. Now, it does help (a lot) if the arms protruding from sleeveless fashion actually have some sort of tone or muscularity. I am not sure that strips of bone or slabs of hanging flesh are something you'd want to showcase to the world. But that's your business.
Unless you're into spending almost $30 for a random plain tank from American Apparel, you should start your search at Karmaloop. And for all the guys busy flexing their biceps while reading this, you should investigate a bicep routine here before your tank search. Just sayin.
Just by a show of hands, how many of you guys went straight to the workout routine and skipped the fashion website?