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I loved @nokcha's card asking us all why we work out, and that inspired me to throw together a list of reasons why you should be reaching for those running shoes this very second.
I'm only adding the first ones that come to mind, but I think @kpopgirly101 @alywoah @JJ25 @MoNeEkA96 @ZenyAlvarez and @GetFitwithAmy have some great reasons too!


Exercise, and that means even dancing around your room for a few minutes, boosts your endorphin levels and makes you happier - it's as simple as that! You'll feel less pain and will often experience what's normally called a 'runner's high' which is that rush of energy and positivity exercise gives you.
I'm serious, no matter how crappy you feel, if you hit the gym a hour or just do 50 jumping jacks, your mood will improve and chances are you'll want to keep going.


Part of that rush of endorphins also gets you feeling more confident about your body naturally. Even if you don't see results from your workouts right away, the chemicals in your brain will be cheering you on.
Once you do see results then your confidence will go through the roof. Soon it won't even be about looks, it will be about the fact that you can outrun half the guys in the gym!

Longer Life

Exercise, yes even that little bit of dancing around your room each day, is linked to a longer, healthier life. Aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes a day of cardio will have your heart ready to work hard for you for a hundred years!
The quality of that life also improves. You could be an 80 year old that sits at home all day and struggles to get up the stairs, or you could be like my grandma who swims at the gym every day and is more flexible than I am!

Healthier Choices

One thing leads to another and chances are if you start exercising, your entire life will change for the better. You'll realize that you're ruining your hard work with a crappy diet so you'll start eating better. Your mood has improved so you'll approach problems with a clearer, more positive mind. Your confidence will be boosted so you'll take more chances in life, love, and your career.

Zombie Apocalypse

Rule number one of training for a zombie apocalypse is cardio. You need to be able to outrun those suckers when it finally happens.
Hahaha I agree with @kpopgirly101 I like how funny these are (especially that last one haha!)
I agree @Nisfit and love the funny way you showed and said things. Now I really wanna go running right now! lol Working out does really put me on a good mood and I feel fantastic about myself afterwards! Love this post!
The good mood alone is a good reason! All the others are just bonus benefits ;)
I like all these reasons! I especially laughed at the one about Endorphins and not shooting the husband! I enjoy working out to stay healthy and live longer! Thanks for sharing!
True! xD I'm just getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! I think that it's just the way that it makes me feel when I workout, the feeling that I can!
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