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I just LOVE swizzle straws. A recent wedding I went to had these mint green swizzles cut in half for the cocktails. I remember thinking how utterly cute and fresh of an idea that was. My colors are Tiffany Blue, but I just had to share this mellow yellow type with all my Vinglers because they're just so striking to look at.
With a dozen colors to choose from you can order from Etsy for $18. If that seems too pricey, consider the fact that you're getting more than just straws; you're getting these festive tags and tied ribbons. Try doing all that embellishing on your own. You still have to buy all that stuff and then find the time to put it together. And good luck getting them to look as cute and put-together as this.
Anyone else gotta have these for their wedding?
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I've seen these at weddings and other events too. Makes drinking a cocktail even more fun. lol