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I remember fighting fiercely with my friends over who we would be if we were MK&A. Back in the old days I only wanted to be Mary-Kate who was super cool, athletic, and totally comfortable being one of the guys. Now, I would much rather be Ashley who always seemed put together, logical, and mature - albeit a little boy crazy.

So, now the question is, who are you?!

1. Describe Yourself:
a) Leader
b) Quiet
c) Artistic
d) Organized
2. Pick a Color:
a) Purple
b) Green
c) Blue
d) Yellow
3. Pick a City
a) New York
b) Paris
c) Los Angeles
d) London
4. Pick an Animal
a) Snake
b) Cat
c) Dog
d) I Don't Like Animals...
5. Pick a Drink
a) Black Coffee
b) Iced Chai Latte
c) Green Tea
d) Cappuccino

Mostly A's & C's

You're artistic and sensitive, but you're also a leader. You're fiercely independent and competitive, but have a hidden soft side. You're definitely not afraid to take risks and be different.

Mostly B's & D's

You're quiet and determined, and can often be underestimated by others because you come off as shy. You value simplicity and beauty and care a little too much about everything you're involved in. You're incredibly loyal and are always looking to improve yourself.

A Little of Everything?

You're energetic and artistic and constantly have some crazy plan brewing in your head. You want to create, destroy, and rebuild beautiful things and you're damn good at it too.
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I'm an Elizabeth with Mary-Kate tendencies.
I had to google who Elizabeth was... but fun quiz!
Ha! You tricked me! I got Elizabeth~