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23% of the US population, according to the Center for Inquiry, identify as "nones" (as in, they don't follow a specific or any religion). These 56 million people are now the second-largest in the US; Evangelicals are the largest group.
A lot of people are touting this as a sign that in recent years, people have become disillusioned with religion, but I have a different opinion. I think it's simply becoming more acceptable to express that you are a "none" when it comes to religion. Many people (myself included) see religious events (i.e. Confirmation) as an obligation.
Honestly, this doesn't really surprise me. Personally, I would have selected "Catholic" up until 4 or 5 years ago, simply because I would attend church as a family function. Now, I select "none" because I don't consider myself religious.

What about you? Are you religious, or do you believe that secularization in America is growing?

I'm curious about if this survey really does fit the communities I'm in every day.
@yakwithalan Really? You're saying people need a religion to live a fulfilled life? I have to disagree man.
People don't realize what they're missing--so many people disillusioned don't bring their kids up to think of anything greater than their own well being or the dollar billl. Sad really.
I would also ID as none, so I can't say this really surprises me.