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Meet Kehlani, a 20-year-old R&B artist who is already collaborating with Chance the Rapper, being mentored by Nick Cannon, and dropping mix tapes that are shaking up the industry.
After making waves at this year's SXSW festival, Kehlani is becoming the most talked-about name in the R&B world and is noted not only for her voice, but her lyrics and experimentation within the genre. Basically, she's wise beyond her years.
Her songs are all about youth, self love, and growing up in less than desired situations. She wants people who listen to her music to know that they can get through the tough spots in their lives, and that some things just don't matter.
"I go on Twitter and I literally see girls posting a picture of one of the Jenners and writing something like “OMG, my self esteem is gone” or “Bye, I’m gonna go kill myself now.” That’s no joke, you know what I’m saying? People really think like that."
You can read her entire interview with Billboard here, and be sure to check out her SoundCloud and her music videos below!
is she from Hawaii???
I love her and Jhene. I feel like the whole image of the R&B girl is totally changing with women like this. Maybe it's a 'post-Beyonce' effect.
I really like the first song. The second isn't really my style but her voice is great :)
This is the kind of artist I would never find on my own, but now that you've done the hard work for me iI totally love her! All of her music is on Spotify too :)