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Getting Ready to be Yukirin at Colossalcon!

Only 3 and a half weeks until my favorite con-Colossalcon!
I should have my cosplay line up planned soon, but for now why don't I share one of the cosplays I'm most excited about?
Heavy Rotation Yukirin! I have wanted to do this version of Yukirin pretty much ever since I got into AKB0048. The outfits are so cute and comfortable, plus the song Heavy Rotation holds a special place in my heart since it's a DTP group dance, and it's probably my favorite AKB48 music video! I also really enjoy dressing up like a cat :3
The wonderful @Angelipon wanted to make me this cosplay as a late Christmas present. You can follow her for progress on my cosplay and a few others she's making! She finished the bloomers today and they look so cute! I'll be making the ears, tails, arm and leg warmers, and collars for myself and the rest of our group, so expect photos of those coming up!
The first photo is of Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th, aka the exact version I'll be cosplaying! I couldn't find any solo pictures of the real Yuki Kashiwagi in the specific outfit I'll be wearing, but I found a few of her on stage and a collage with her and Mayuyu!
Those furry arm things look like they're going to be hot-hot-hot
That's gonna be so cute!!! Make sure you guys share pics ok?? Good luck Jenni Bon!
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