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On the way home today, I was just thinking when we’ll be seeing those stills of So Ji Sub‘s cameo onWarm and Cozy. Wonder no more because here they are!
I would love it if he reprised his role as Joong Won (Master’s Sun) and gave an update on his relationship with Gong Hyo Jin‘s Tae Gong Sil. LOL.
In these stills, the guy looks absolutely handsome as the natural light of the sunny island casts down on him. You’d almost think he’s posing for a fashion pictorial as he patiently hangs out in front of a cafe near the beach. The scene was filmed last May 7th at 1 PM and lasted for about an hour.
Since his cameo reunited him with the Hong Sisters and probably with some other folks involved in his past projects (like Road Number One), then there must have been a feeling of family/familiarity while shooting this scene. So Ji Sub was observed to have outstanding adaptability and is said to have been very friendly with personnel, including with Kang So Ra, who shares this scene with him.
Although his appearance is a short one, So Ji Sub will surely leave a strong impression on the audience (as he did with the cast and crew of Warm and Cozy behind the scenes). Expect to catch him in this week’s episodes!
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