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Killer Crossplays!!
I love re-imaginations of cosplays into different universes and genders, and these are no exception!! These 3 crossplays are easily three of my favorites....I really want to try being Lady Loki sometime!!
1. Quicksilver from Days of Future Past by August Gold
This one is easy to do, guy or girl or nonbinary!!! I mean, jeans + shirt + jacket how much easier does it get?
2. Two Face from Batman by Meagan Marie:
Look at those creepy creepy teeth!!! It looks like they're made out of plastic nails used for manicures and what not....yikesss. Lovely and creepy all at once.
3. Lady Loki from Thor By Ароокта
I know this cosplay is really popular right now but that doesn't make me want to do it any less. Something about Loki's elegance put into a velvet gown is too great.
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Two Face looks pretty scary. Real impressive paint job ther.e
2 years ago·Reply
Quiksilver!!! I want a quiksilver inspired outfit just for day to day looks :)
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Two face is my favorite for sure.
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