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Spider Gwen is Too Cute
GuuyyyYyyys I know I spend the majority of my time here just whining about all the people I want to cosplay but look at this!!!
This is cosplayer ReaverSkill and she had the brilliant idea to do a Gwen/Spidey crossover cosplay and I love it!
Does anybody know where this design came from? Like is it canon and I just didn't know about it or just came out of fanart? Let me know!!!
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@vulpix I also am really, really curious about if this is cannon or just someone's imagination creating it lol
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@timeturnerjones @vulpix As far as I nkow it's totally just made up by fans!
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this is actually a canon cosplay! in an alternate reality (Earth-65) Gwen is bitten by the radioactive spider and is given the powers that Peter has in the main comics. This is her costume from that storyline.
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@VinMcCarthy woahhh, that's awesome!! All this time I thought it was just the imagination of fans (which is awesome) but it's more awesome that it's canon!!
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@VinMcCarthy the more you know!!!
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