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The Secrets to a Long Relationship
My parents recently celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary after dating for six years, my cousin is finally marrying her fiance this summer that she's been dating for ten years, and my grandparents would have been married for 65 years this summer. How on earth, in a time of 72 hour marriages, do couples last this long?
I did a little research, and here is what I found:

Meet Alice and Dale. They're both 99 years old, and they've spent the last 82 of the those years are a married couple.

So, is there a secret to how they've stayed together so long?
"Uh huh," said Alice. "I've always let him have my way!" aka, always listen to your wife, she's always right ;)
It seemed to have worked out well for them, since they're still so obviously in love:
"What a wonderful ride we've had," said Dale
"It does sound like a long time, doesn't it?" Alice said.
"Yeah, well, it has been!" Dale said, patting her hand. "A good long time."
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More tips from the longest married couple:
- Do things together! Spend time enjoying each other's company.
- Be willing to compromise
- Be patient
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And yes, all these stories are real! The segments of married couples telling the stories of how they met were collected by Rob Reiner for the film, but actors re-enacted them word for word!

Basically, it seems like you need to find a personality that reflects yours well. It also looks like fate played into a lot of these stories, so maybe there is such a thing as a soul mate!
Another big bump in the relationship road that is more difficult than time, is distance.

Will you survive a long distance relationship?

Take the test here!
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I love this!!! I've always been one to think I don't want to get married until I've lived a bit, but it looks like these couple all managed ot live together just fine :) How cute..